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Inside a spaceship

to reach its dream

We believed in Determination, Passion, and Fun, will eventually take us to that height. They will bring us up to the stars.

Who We Are

About Us

Create a new ground that the flock will genuinely enjoy, and share the same vision to create great things together.

And thus the story of SpaceSheep has begun...

Who We Are

Our Service

Do you want us to tell our own story? Or do you want us to help you create your story? We do both so either way it's fine for us.

Who We Are

Call to Action

You need not to ask for our number. Emails, social medias, all our contact methods are all here! Just click into it. We'll be waiting...

Who We Are

Our Work

2D works of Concept arts and storyboards, 3D works of Modeling, Animations, Lighting and etc. Feast your eyes upon these works that we have proudly made!

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