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In every departments we have the amazing sheeps that we are proud of.

Concept Artist - Copy.png
How We Do

Concept Art

"They say the pen is mightier than the sword. We Concept Artists couldn't agree more. We are the beginning, we are the vision, we are the creation of worlds when there are nothing more than just ideas in the head. Ideas into visual, that's our job."

How We Do


"There are comic artists, and then there are us Storyboard Artists. We are the first story-teller. We help turning your words-filed script into dramatic images. Sequence images that tell stories, that will eventually be evolved into fully rendered videos. We create the foundations of animations and films."

Storyboard Artist - Copy.png
Modeler - Copy.png
How We Do


"No, we don't do catwalks. What we Modelers actually do, is turning 2D images into 3D magic. We bring the 2D designs into 3D digital reality. Objects, characters, Worlds. Currently in research on how to bring 3D digital reality into our actual reality."

How We Do


 "While god gave us flesh and blood, we Riggers give the 3D models joints and controllers. We are the puppet makers of the 3D digital space. We can make the object soft or hard, depends on their materials and purpose. Oh, and when you hear us talking about skinning, don't worry we're most likely not talking about any bloody activity."

Rigger - Copy.png
Animator - Copy.png
How We Do


"After the puppet's created in 3D digital space, of course you would need a puppeteer to play with it, and that's us Animators. We bring the models to life. We give them movements, we give them emotions, we give them personalities, a soul. Why be a necromancer when you can be an Animator?"

How We Do

lighting Compositing

 "You know the saying: 'Lights, camera, action!' Being the first of the sentence, 'light', of course you'd know the importance of us Lighting Artists as part of an animation or film production. We create the mood lighting for extra dramatic purposes, and thus enhance the overall look of the film. To put it simple, we make things look nice and pretty for you to enjoy!"

Lighting Artist.png
How We Do


"With the warning of global warming appearing all over the world, aren't you glad that we VFX artist can create explosions for films without ACTUALLY setting up a bomb? Not just explosions, bubbles, flaming horses, even rainbow tears, all your wildest imaginations come to life! What is film without special effects, am I right?"

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